Custom Design

Custom Design Process

Just give us your custom design concept, we will bring you the final creation to the life in around 40 days for the most of orders.

1. Submission

Customers send us the custom design details by filling up the custom order form below. Please do not forget all details for jewelry dimension, type of metal, order quantities as well as any other important details. Jewelry images, similar products image, or any other drawings and sketches can be attached along with your order message by uploading.

2. Cost Proposal

Upon the receiving of custom design details from customers, our design specialists will communicate with customers and figure out all details so to estimate and give out the best quotation. We also discuss with customers for any question related to the best payment method, deposit payment and the rest of payment clearance at this stage.

3. Sample Design

If the quotation is approved, our designer will create a 3D image of the actual product and send customer for approval. If no problem, our specialists will start to create a mold for sample jewelry and produce pre production sample products and send it to customers for the final approval.

4. Manufacturing

The final manufacturing process is initiated as soon as the sample jewelry is approved and the upfront deposit is confirmed. The manufacturing is proceeded highly strictly along with quality control and custom order requirement. QD H&H Jewelry is obliged to deliver all finished work before the deadline.

5. Packing&Dispatch

Once the completion of all order, customers are responsible for the clearance of remaining payment balance. Then QD H&H Jewelry pack the products and dispatch the package to the customers shipping address. The carrier and postage should be agreed from mutual communication in advance.

6. Finalizing

We have professionals to inspect the quality and condition for all products. The quality warrant report is always attached to the final package. QD H&H Jewelry always does our best to help our customers clear custom and solve any hassle during the delivery .

QD HH Jewelry Custom Design Timelines

Development lead time: 2 Weeks (The Timeline is for a full Development)  Molds: 3-5 Days

Production lead time:
Castings only: 3-5 business days

(Clip & Ship)

DeveFull Production: 3 Weeks
Plating only: 3-5 Days

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